About us

We strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what sailing in the Adriatic is and just how much it has to give. Personal experiences of each member of our handpicked team set us on the never ending quest to point out the real, exceptional values of the Croatian coast, its people and their hard work, in a true light.
To Wind and Wine came together as a logical extension of Navis Gaudia LTD, a well-known Croatian charter agency. Our aim is to create authentic experiences and present the wine and gourmet culture of the Adriatic in a unique fashion. If you want a host that knows a lot about sailing and enjoys the finer things in life, like gourmet foods or fine wines, sail with us. We would love to share everything we've learned by sailing every corner of the Adriatic for many years. We are not a travel company. We are maritime nomads who enjoy having guests on board. That is why each of our journeys is as a unique experience, as are our guests.You'll want to come back next year, because there is only so much we can show you in a few days and there is always something amazing just behind the next bay. That is why we are in love with the Adriatic and all of its abundant fruits.
Come, raise a glass to wind and wine, and the endless beauty of the Adriatic, as it once was and as it will always be.
To wind and wine!