7 days, 8 islands, 12 wineries,
5 authentic reastaurants, 6 Venetian renaissance towns.
All-inclusive prices start from 2000 euro per guest.
Spend your holidays without a care in the world.
Get picked up at the airport and taken to your boat. While you wind
down and relax, we set sail for 8 magnificent islands across the Adriatic.
Sample some of the finest wines of the region and dine in some of the best restaurants on the Croatian coast.
  • 1
    Island of Hvar
    Inhabited since the dawn of time, Hvar was adored by the Greeks and Romans who built the first villas on the island and brought viticulture around 4th century BC. Best vineyards are on the south side of the island (positions of Ivan Dolac, Zavada and Sv. Nedelja). Nowadays it is known for its decadent nightlife and sublime gastronomy. 
    You will visit: 
    The Pakleni islands, a tiny archipelago across from the town of Hvar covered with pines and a lush rich tropical garden dating back to 1800. Stari Grad plain, a 24-centuries-old Greek agricultural colony with UNESCO World Heritage status since 2008. The City of Hvar, a Venetian built old town that never sleeps
  • 2

    The Pelješac peninsula

    Almost the farthest south point of Croatia, the Pelješac peninsula is a region where premium plavac mali is grown. Exclusive and protected are grown at the positions of Postup and Dingač due to a perfect microclimate. There are more than 20 renowned wineries on Pelješac.

    You will visit:
    Most interesting local wineries for a taste of the local reds. Oyster plantations where you can pick your own oysters and eat them fresh. Ancient fortification walls of Ston, the 2nd largest in the world (after the Great Wall of China).

  • 3

    The Island of Korčula

    Some of the best Croatian whites come from Korčula, made from autochthonous pošip grape variety. Greeks called it Korkyra Melaina (meaning Black Corfu). Renowned world traveller and adventurer Marco Polo was supposedly born here, among the thick walls of a medieval town-fort. All this is but a sliver of cultural, artistic and historical treasures Korčula has in stock.

    You will visit:
    Lesic palace, a restored 18th Century Bishop's palace, now a five-star restaurant. Smokvica and Čara vineyards were most of pošip is grown and made.

  • 4

    The Island of Vis

    It is a mystery how the first settlers managed to cross 50 kilometers of sea to inhabit Vis in the Neolithic, but they got there. Being farthest from the Croatian coast, it has the cleanest sea (and the fact that it was an off-limits military base for almost 50 years surely helped). Taste the simple and delicious local dishes accompanied by a glass of local white wine called vugava.

    You will visit:
    Lipanović winery tucked away in old military tunnels. Roki’s eco farm and vineyards, where you will enjoy the best nature Vis has to offer. Hidden turquoise coves that can only be accessed by boat. Soaring cliffs open towards the sea. The Blue Grotto, amazingly beautiful natural cave filled with glowing blue light.

  • 5

    The Island of Brač

    Among the largest and closest Croatian islands, Brač is known for its stone masons (visit Pučišća, for its stone masonry school) and high quality marble, used in the building of the White House. Another local attraction is the beach of Zlatni rat (Golden cape) in Bol, favoured by the surfers and the tanning army. It moves and changes its shape depending on the direction of the NW, W and SE winds that rarely stop (hence the surfer crowd). Its turquoise waters are best enjoyed from a safe moor just offshore.

    You will visit:
    The magnificent Bol beach Zlatni rat. Jako Vino winery in the centre of Bol and taste some of the wines of Brač.

  • Day 1 : Split / Kasteli - Milna, the Island of Brac
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  • Day 2 : Milna - Komiza, the Island of Vis
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  • Day 3 : Komiza - Korcula, the Island of Korcula
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  • Day 4 : Korcula - Trstenik, the Peljesac peninsula
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  • Day 5 : Kneza - The Pakleni islands, the Island of Hvar
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  • Day 6 : Hvar - Bol, the Island of Brac - the Island of Solta
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  • Day 7 : Solta - the Krknjasi islands - Split
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